As a LCBSG client, if you (or your client) are having difficulties with real estate finance, you have immediate access to its team of property solutions experts.

They will work alongside you – the initial client consultation is free of charge – to try to help find a solution that keeps you in control.

Falling into default is often a result of changes in real estate values or an increase in void rates, which then sees clients trying to solve the issue by selling properties or injecting cash to secure loan-to-value covenants.

Consequently facilities are reduced or withdrawn and properties are disposed of for less than they’re worth. In the worst case scenario, these could lead to the loss of an entire portfolio upon appointment of a Receiver who crystallises shortfalls and guarantees. LCBSG’s team of property solutions experts will work hard to try to prevent such outcomes.

Operating as Leonard Curtis Property Solutions (LCPS), this dedicated service deals solely in property-led work. They will work in partnership with clients to negotiate loan facility restructures to maintain portfolios and prevent enforcement action.

If retaining the existing lender is not possible, the property solutions team will work to successfully refinance portfolios through its RADAR network of specialist funders and brokers – which includes active buyers and sellers of commercial real estate – to give more options when selling or acquiring stock.

 LCBSG can provide these – and many other – property solutions

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